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A humorous yet practical book of life lessons from the seminal Little House on the Prairie, blending Laura Ingalls Wilder’s timeless teachings with her surprisingly timely penchant for homesteading, crafting, and the lifestyle we now call Cottagecore.

The Little House on the Prairie was a childhood TV classic for a generation of kids, and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novels have never gone out of style for young bookworms. Her stories of her family’s life in the 1870s offer countless gems of wisdom, and many facets of their lifestyle and the skills they relied on have become some of the hottest trends of today, from sourdough bread and modern pioneering to DIY prairie dresses and needlepoint.

Little House Life Hacks playfully compiles the most crucial takeaways from that world, practical enough to work for pioneering stock and updated for today’s evolving world. The Ingalls are the perfect reminders of what’s important: love, family, community, honest work, and integrity. Alongside the life advice are selected inspirational quotes from the Little House books and show and fun pop culture tidbits (like that The Rock’s first celebrity crush was original mean girl Nellie Oleson), as well as with meaningful takeaways for creating more balance, wellness, and fun in all aspects of your life.

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Authors Angie and Susie on KARE11, September 9th, 2023
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It’s a true hardback with stitched binding, and nicely patterned endpapers inside each cover. The pages are thick white paper, perfect for the blue highlight color used throughout the book. Small illustrations and a lavish use of font styles really make the book feel special.”


“The authors made me smile with nostalgia, laugh at irreverent, modern humor, and gave me a lot of helpful takeaways – more than I expected. So heartwarming. I like that the authors don’t shy away from some difficult subjects, but the focus is definitely on providing an overall positive outlook on life in our modern times, with ideas from the show and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books.”


“What a charming and fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book that defies genres. Self help meets nostalgia meets humor? I loved the TV series in its day and loved looking back on it along with the authors. The life lessons are served up with a wonderful dose of humor that will have you smiling and nodding your head as you remember scenes from the TV series. This delightful book will entertain you and make you think about how you can incorporate some of the hacks in your own life. Highly recommend!”



Angie Bailey

Angie Bailey is a Gen X pop-culture nerd, award-winning writer and humorist, and the author of the Texts from Mittens daily cartoon, books, and desk calendars. She shares her life with one witty husband, plus two human and two feline children. She lives in Minneapolis.

Susie Shubert

Susie Shubert helps others navigate their unexpected journeys as a writer and content creator for, a tarot advisor, and a former graduate of the school of rock. The basis of all that she does is her life coaching certification through Oprah’s favorite, Dr. Martha Beck, and the loving support of her husband and two kids. She lives in Minneapolis.

Illustrated by Lauren Mortimer

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